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She held the post for six months and is now studying for an MBA at Harvard.Downing Street was anxious to ease her out of her party job as soon as the election was over.Within days, Amanda Delew had developed a strategy to bring in the cash., not after years of scamming.Delew’s “get-out clause” ensured that Blair could continue to claim he was not involved in the fundraising process “and see off any conflict-of-interest accusations.” So we can bear in mind for later that Delew’s and Mc Donagh’s craft devises ways to (a) squirm out of conflict-of-interest allegations and (b) devise clever ways of getting money to the party by circuitous and devious routes.report tells us that Mc Donagh went straight from the lunch with Desmond to the bank.One can almost hear a ghostly murmur of approval from the ‘founding fathers of our party’ at her selfless dedication to the cause.According to former Millbank insiders, only three people had access to the password — Lord Levy, Amanda Delew and Mc Donagh herself…It is claimed now that not even Levy or Delew knew about the Desmond money.Before we look at Mc Donagh’s other interests a brief word about Amanda Delew.

According to PR Newswire: Labour party officials insisted at a private lunch that Express newspaper owner Richard Desmond write out a cheque for £100,000 there and then, so that it could be cashed by the party before the deadline for publicly declaring political donations cut in.But although many of the developments of the 20th century, would shock and surprise them, I am certain that the founding fathers of our party would be proud of how we have translated their values into action.All Labour governments this century have changed Britain for the better. Some old-timers might well argue that if the founders of the Labour movement had lived to see a QC in charge of the party they would have strangled him with their bare hands.Said to be a protégé of Lord Levy and nicknamed, “Mandy the Loot,” she may be remembered for her efforts to raise £500,000 from Bernie Ecclestone just as Tony Blair was promising to be squeaky clean in front of the cameras and rolling in shit behind them.The ghosts of Labour’s founding fathers should turn away now because there’s another delivery of their political dreams — and how weird dreams can be.

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