Uwatec trimix updating for galileo

Do you already know that you can find Scubapro Galileo 2 and other sports in our dive store?Thanks to scubastore, you can now see a massive choice of Instruments and computers item ideal for every sport imaginable.Ultimately decided on the Galileo, as I have had other Uwatec computers before, including old, bulky versions of their hoseless devices.The screen size and easy readbility was a major draw for this computer, especially compared to the wristwatch versions offered by Suunto, but it was also a slight drawback.The large unit, unless snugly attached to my wrist, and turned inward on the forearm (not worn like a watch typically is), will easily strike objects it was not meant to strike and scratch the plastic screen, and spin around as well, so be sure to secure it well.Can not be as snug on bare skin compared to over a wetsuit, so it does tend to spin if you are diving nice, warm water without a suit (wear a thin skin, which will protect yo anyway).I looked at several diving computers before I purchased this one.

In addition, with the quality that is backed up by the brand Scubapro it will be the perfect purchase.

I bought a "Adapter USB 2.0 to Ir DA - Windows 7, MAC OSX Compatible MOSCHIP 7780" on Amazon, and it works just fine on my Intel based Mac running Windows 7 on Parallels 7.

I'll be honest, i love my galileo computer, it has everything that i need for my diving and more. First of all, and as i said, it has everything that i need, the display is big and can be filled with 3 modes from the cramped to the light version, personaly i use the complete version.

I have to say, though that the Luna would be a good enough choice for most, and in retrospect, would have been my choice, as the only difference between the two versions is the lack of heart monitor (don't know anyone who has ever used this on a dive), or the ability to use a tri-mix, on the Luna.

Otherwise, it is the identical computer as the Sol, for 0 less (even with adding the hoseless module).

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