Updating global address list exchange 2016

The “official” UAH global image for November, 2016 should be available in the next several days here.

Also note the revision that was reported in the entry (e.g.UPDATE: It should be pointed out that 2016 will end up being 0.03-0.04 deg.C warmer than 1998, which is probably not a statistically significant difference given the uncertainties in the satellite dataset adjustments.If a new update is available LPE devices will wait for a certain period of inactivity on the phone and then automatically download, waiting again for more idle time before rebooting itself to complete the process.VVX devices operate in the same way but also offer two important improvements: (1) the inactivity timeout is configurable and (2) when a new update is available the device will prompt the user to install it immediately if desired, or defer if not.

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