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So, really, I have terrible men to thank for its start up ... The party itself was great fun - super little venue, complimentary cocktails and a room full of bloggers. I read a lot of sex (and relationship) blogs and I do find it frustrating that there are so many skilled writers of that genre who have not been recognised. Perhaps, but there's a big difference between beautifully written erotica and a good marketing team selling repetitive drivel about blow jobs. Twitter is a fantastic way to get your writing out to people and a good Facebook page is a nice way to build loyal blog followers. The future of All Sweetness and Life Big things, I have recently left my job to write a book, so watch this space.Some of the rituals allegedly involve male students at Sydney University's residential colleges masturbating into shampoo bottles belonging to female students and defecating in hallways.

The Kellys believe it was because he was hazed at St Paul's College earlier that year.

” To which they’re like: “Yeah, abreast.” At which point, I’m like: “A breast? ” A thing that fits all of the above criteria was brought to the author’s attention over the weekend in the form of this tweet: lying.

MLB Full Count (link) is a video service (in collaboration, it seems, with Yahoo) that provides “look-ins” to games in progress — and, it would also seem, highlights of completed games. Allow me to note immediately that, having never used the NFL Red Zone channel, I’m unable to speak to the similarities between MLB’s product and that one.

) ad featuring aged Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler, his arm around what appears to be a blonde teenager.

• It seems one of the appeals of Red Zone is that it allows fantasy owners to track their players.

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