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I had the same excuse as everyone else; “I simply do not have the time.” I pretty much had every excuse in the book to be out of shape. However, for the people that know me, I am a very extreme person.

Truth be told, like many people, health wasn’t a big priority of mine for many, many years. I own/operate a multi national business with hundreds of employees. My wife thought I was crazy, and told me to wait until things settle down a bit before I made such an extreme pledge.

It is our responsibility to find a cure so no future generation has go through the pain we have all gone through.

This is bigger than all of us, so lets all put our little share of help into this.

Please click on the link below and make any donation that you can; every dollar counts.

My failures should not penalize the amazing people at St. This whole journey was not easy nor was it consistent.Reading those messages showcased that that goal was ultimately accomplished.What I ask for is now to open up your hearts and your wallets and make a donation to Princess Margaret’s Hospital.-MM I wanted to initiate a “healthy living’ culture at my company. I realized it would be hypocritical if the CEO is out of shape as he preaches this onto his staff.I wanted to lead by example, and thus I decided to register myself and many of the peers at Aurum to participate in the Toronto Triathalon.

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