Paloma jonas dating

Patrick Drake] wife, Paloma Jonas, is expecting their first child.

When talking about the bouncing baby to his co-stars and wife, he was grinning ear-to-ear.

Turner confirmed their relationship via an Instagram post at the start of the year with a picture of Joe Jonas captioned, “Miami Daze.”Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have been dating since November 2016, and they appear to be going strong!In the untitled Periscope, Jason Thompson hugs his wife; Paloma is expecting their first child.His co-stars told him he had better sleep now because when his baby arrives that sleep will be a thing of the past.The happy couple laughed as the fans and co-star gushed about the upcoming arrival.The speculated arrival would be around May since in the background you can hear that she is passed the point of morning sickness- which places her around 14 weeks.

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