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It is rolling on 17x9.5 ZR1 wheels with 275/xx/R17 tires (which are now 12 years old and junk even though they only have a couple hundred miles on them.I built this car 12-13 years ago so at the time the fourth Generation Camaro was a great donor car.Im trying to ge5 a template to work where I can add more pictures. If you’re serious about the car and want all the details please contact me and I am happy to go over it and send pictures.I have over ,000 in parts in this car and that doesn’t include the hundreds of hours it took to build. Full TCI tubular subframe and suspension, coil over shocks, show package, four link, fuel injected 95 LT1, custom body work, fourth generation Camaro wiring and interior -dash, steering column, console, front seats, nearly the entire car is new steel, new everything when built.With my back the way it is I have to be extremely careful on what I spend my limited good time on but will continue to try to push forward on completing the remaining tasks but as I do the price will only go up, not down.This is your opportunity to pick up a wonderful car and take it across the finish line yourself adding a great deal to its value in the process. Everything was either Goodmark or DII (dynacorn) Panels.Front TCI has the show package so the a arms and spindles etc are all chrome or polished aluminum parts, this setup gives you power rack and pinion steering which is nice, the rear is the TCI 4 link with subframe connectors.All 4 corners have adjustable coil over shocks and disk brakes.

I have well over ,000 in parts invested in this car not including the hundreds of my hours I have into building it ground up, every single nut and bolt, and since it is sitting at about 95% together I am offering it at a huge discount to what it would be when completed.This auction is a quick and dirty offering to see if someone might want to jump on this early and get a great deal.Please watch the auction as I will be adding to and working on the description.Please read through the description below as there are a handful of items that still need finished up on this car. So much to list I will try to break it down by section and hopefully cover all the amazing aspects of this car.This car is running and driving and “cruisable” but does have several items that still need completed to be a completed project, as if they ever are, there’s always something you want to do better.

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