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A later hostile workplace lawsuit you institute will flounder if the employer was unaware of the situation and had not been given the opportunity to address the behavior and hostile environment.

When inappropriate behavior is coming from another employee, they are your best in-house resources.Additionally, the reported individual may not retaliate against you as a payback for your reporting of his or her improper behavior.An employee who experiences a hostile work environment, and has attempted to make the behavior stop without success, though, should go to his or her manager, employer, or Human Resources staff. Your employer must have the opportunity to investigate the complaint and eliminate the behavior. Some employees believe that a bad boss, an unpleasant work environment, a rude coworker, failure to qualify for a promotion, or the lack of perks, privileges, benefits, and recognition can create a hostile work environment.And, yes, admittedly, many of these issues do contribute to an environment that may not be especially friendly or supportive of employees.

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