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Four and a half years ago, after visiting Venezuela, I got the idea of doing a travel pickup guide.Hints of it were seen in my Real Man Travel Guides blog along with my book A Dead Bat In Paraguay, but I never commited myself to writing a complete guide for one country.From the light skinned to the dark, from straight black hair to blonde curls, from smoldering brown eyes to soft blue – the many faces of the beautiful Colombian women will leave you mesmerized.Not ones to take their natural beauty for granted, Colombian women take great care of their appearance and love to dress well to accentuate their curvy features.The two of you can right away be on your own without our translation services.

Remember when Shakira’s hips didn’t lie and you were glued to the screen every time MTV aired a video?In the past year I realized that my free time and background made me very qualified to work on such a project, and that it’d be fun to try.At the start of my fifth month in Colombia I buckled down and began work on Bang Colombia, finishing it about nine months later. The film is a biographical crime-drama that follows the life of Blanco from the age of 17, when she made her way to the US with a fake passport with her first husband Carlos, up to her deportation back to Colombia in 2012.Blanco revolutionised the US drug trade during the 1970s and 1980s, and became the most powerful female cartel member of all time, but the decision to cast Welsh actress Catherine in the role of a Latina woman for the movie has been heavily criticised, with many accusing Lifetime of white-washing the role: Catherine Zeta-Jones in #Cocaine Godmother: white-washing 101.

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