Brett micheals who is he dating dating traralgon

The criss-cross neckline shows off her perfectly toned arms, and the triangle lace panel on the skirt makes for some amazing contouring.This dress is part of Cushnie et Ochs pre-fall 2012 collection, but for an updated take on it, check out the new-in option below, and some of our other alternatives too.I was in high school when Poison was at the peak of their career and, although I did listen to some of their songs, I wasn't exactly a "die hard" Poison fan.I didn't hate 'em or anything, I just didn't get what the big deal was about big-haired, pink lipstick wearing Bret Michaels - LOL.But this reality series shows different sides of him, and very different fans (as well as girls on the show who weren't fans as they never even heard his music).Now I certainly don't believe the entire series was "unscripted" at all."IT S LIKE A BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE WILDEST LATE- 80s POISON AFTER-PARTY!

The result, dubbed Rock of Love, essentially follows the same format as Flav's show: The allegedly lovelorn Michaels cohabitates in a fantasy playground house with a cross-section of wild and wanton women, each of whom are put through salacious challenges (the most appalling of which is a bout of improvised phone sex, with Michaels' ardor measured by a sort of blood pressure cuff attached to his manhood) in order to win the right to call him their man.I didn't think Bret would find his one true love using this "method" either. Seeing these girls compete in various challenges for dates was quite entertaining.At the same time, I don't believe the entire series WAS "scripted" either.The girls competing to win had numerous ups & downs and I do think a few of them were sincere and, when stuff got to them, their tears were real.I could only imagine what living in that house was like...

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