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Chase Merritt may have not created the check from the Mc Stay home in Fallbrook. February 4 So if Joseph wanted Merritt to be a user on the “CUSTOM” account it was cheaper to simply give Merritt access by way of Joseph’s password to that account.(Joseph had two QB accounts; one was for his own personal and business finances-CONTACT.

For centuries, doctors who were mercenary were publicly and appropriately castigated, the subjects of caustic characterization in plays by Moliere and stories by Turgenev. Should we now be celebrating the doctor whose practice, like a successful business, maximizes profits from “customers”?So on February 4, 2010 it does seem possible that both Joseph and Merritt were logged in, and at PM Merritt simply wrote a check from a computer that was already logged in-so the log in doesn’t get recorded.All that LE knows is that the one computer they have in their possession was logged into QB, so they assumed the transaction was made from that computer.What LE does not seem to have is the computer Merritt used when he wrote the checks.No mention of this is made at prelim, and as late as October 2014, per search warrants, LE seems to still be trying to figure out what computer Merritt used for this.2) Merritt goes onto Joseph’s computer, gets on QB, doesn’t log in, because Joseph never logged out.

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