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) and when it gains critical mass, as it will do if it's successful.Personally, rather than try and keep a user group small and/or "closed", I would aspire to as wide and broad an audience as possible - even if this means a minority, but still material, "t r o l l" element, as I think it does.Whats clever is the redesign of the antennae and BTS equipment by Nokia so that they can be deployed on the moon.

Hi Larry, Thanks for the suggestion to have a look at Blueshare, I am having trouble finding recent posts, I tried the search facility for individual shares for example I tried to look up VOD but was unable to find a listing, a page came up "New economic Landscape chat." I then typed Vodafone plc into the search facility and eventually came up with an item on VOD but dated last April.No adds, no spam, no rampers nor derampers." I think we should accept that the harmonious community which Soi describes is much more likely to prevail in a small user group of mostly like-minded people.But as a function of success, as and when this grows in terms of both numbers and the variety of participants, then at least a degree of mischief-making - across the specific examples of such as Soi outlines - is unavoidable. the bigger the user group the more valuable the site, with iii being a good example, but I think it unrealistic to hope that the relative lack of 'negativity' will continue as (if?Plus points for me : There is no abuse, no attacks, has never happened. As to your own posts here on iii, I`ve always liked them. But it seems serious and sober enough, and I bow to Au Gment's wisdom here....Differing views are very well tolerated and accepted. Some interesting sub sections for long term income investors including a High Yield section as well as one on REITs ( Real Estate Investment Trusts) Also an " Off topic" section if members want to chat/post about things outside of investing/trading e.g. You are courteous and polite, goes a long way in my book. "If only they could achieve similar headlines back on earth! there is an alternative, and not altogether innocent, explanation.

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    Plus, you'll always have cats and stage two to fall back on.

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    Certain personal information appearing on the report may be obscured to protect the privacy of victims and other involved parties.

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    It can intervene if it sees worrying trends or serious matters of concern. A link to our customer service arrangements is provided here.

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    Prince is taken to a Twin Cities hospital seen by a doctor.